Custom Training Templates

Templates are a great option for athletes seeking personalized programming at a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one coach. However, not all templates are created equal. There are plenty of people who will sell you a generic "one size fits all" template and send you packing, without ever even talking to you about your training background, injury history, goals, or schedule. This is not what I do. Each template I offer includes a consultation and assessment. That means before I ever start working on your training program, we've had time to discuss your past training, current training status, and your individual goals. After an in-depth look at what makes you unique as an athlete, I get to work crafting a custom program that will take your fitness to the next level. 

Depending on your specific needs, you may be interested in a short term or long term template. Some athletes like the simplicity of a one week template that they can progress and modify on their own. For others, a long term training plan for a specific event offers more guidance and specificity. I recommend that each template lasts for a maximum of 12 weeks so that we can conduct another evaluation period before determining how to program the next phase of training.


Running Templates

Tired of generic online running programs and pace tables that just don't work for you? I don't believe in formulating an entire program based on a single race result or heart rate percentage. I take a blend of approaches, analyzing past race performances and time trials across a range of distances and include heart rate and power parameters when applicable. You are guaranteed a level of customization and precision found in no other online template. Contact me for more information, or make a purchase directly using the button below.

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Concurrent Training Templates

Not just any running template will account for the time you're putting in the gym. Not just any strength template will account for the miles your putting in on the road or trails. My concurrent training templates are designed to optimize performance in both disciplines by eliminating junk workouts, minimize interference between different training sessions, and effectively manage recovery all while providing individualized training sessions specific to your unique goals. Contact me for more information, or make a purchase directly using the button below.