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What is Training Peaks?

TrainingPeaks, or TP, is the online software program we use for training our athletes. With the login information provided, you’ll access a training calendar where we will post your workouts. TrainingPeaks makes it easy to track your workouts, analyze your results, and schedule your training. All you have to do is provide feedback on each of your training sessions in the post activity comment section, and upload any relevant data that you may have recorded. Below, I’ll go through the details of how to use TP easily and effectively.


Post Activity Comments

Read this article for a great summary of the importance of post-activity comments.


Besides completing the workouts, updating TP regularly is the most crucial aspect of your training program! We rely heavily on your feedback from day to day to plan your next training sessions. More data and comments from you means better programming from us. To leave feedback, simply type into the post-activity comments section of your workout. It looks like this, but instead of “Coaching Team” it will say your name. It’s important to leave detailed feedback like this for every single training session, whether it’s a strength workout or running workout. Please note that I do not check these daily - I usually review comments the next week when planning your workouts, so if you have any urgent questions, those should be emailed.


Posting your latest PR to Instagram does NOT count as completing post-activity comments.




Rate of Perceived Effort

RPE stands for Rate of Perceived Effort / Exertion. Reporting an “RPE” with each workout or movement is especially helpful. For example, if your workout has you doing squats and deadlifts, you might report an RPE 7 for squats and 9 for deadlifts, meaning that squats were tough and deadlifts were extremely tough. RPE stands for rate of perceived exertion, and is essentially a ranking of difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10. RPE is always relative to the distance or duration of the activity, not absolute. RPE 10 for a marathon will be much slower than RPE 10 for a 5k, and so on.





Uploading Videos

From time to time, we may ask that you record a video of a particular set or movement for us to analyze. However, TrainingPeaks is not very friendly when it comes to uploading videos. Instead, please upload these videos to YouTube as a public or unlisted video, then paste the link to the video in the post-activity comments section. Please do not email videos. Also, please be courteous and only record videos of the relevant parts of your workout. We don’t want to spend 5 minutes watching you drink water and talk with your friends before your lift - trim the video so that it only contains the sets / movements / etc that we want to see. Thank you!


Mobile App

The TrainingPeaks mobile app makes it super easy to view your workouts and record feedback on the go and while you’re at the gym. Available for iPhone and Android. Please make a habit of recording your workout results into the mobile app as you go, essentially using it as your gym log / notebook. It’s much easier to do this than it is to remember it later, and then I won’t have to hunt you down for feedback.


Syncing with Garmin, Suunto, MyFitnessPal, etc

In just a few clicks, you can have your TP account synced with Garmin, Suunto, or any other watch / service that you use to record your workouts. Simply google “how to sync Training Peaks and ___” or refer to these links. Please do not copy/paste links to Garmin or Movescount data for us to look at. Sync your device with Training Peaks so that we can do all of your analysis in one place.





Strava: syncing is not available for Strava, but I do love Strava! Check it out if you haven’t already.

Emailing Me


My email address is This is the best place to reach me if you need me. I reply to all emails by the end of the next day, with a few exceptions. Occasionally we find ourselves travelling for races, meets, and competitions on the weekends and may need an extra day to reply. If I am travelling and know that my ability to check email will be limited, I’ll let all of my athletes know well in advance so that you can email me with any questions beforehand. Also note that if you send an extremely complex question or challenging request, I may take more than a day to get back to you. Simply trust that if it’s been a few days and I haven’t replied to something yet, I’m working hard to give you the best possible answer, possibly consulting with other coaches and/or waiting on additional training data.


Note that I update Training Peaks on a weekly (sometimes twice weekly) basis, not daily. If you ask questions or post feedback to Training Peaks (highly encouraged!!!), then I will not get back to you until the end of the week. This is the ideal place for routine workout feedback and general comments. For urgent matters needing an immediate response, send me an email.


If you’re working with more than one coach for your training or nutrition, please remember to include all of your coaches on any important emails. If you have an urgent question that needs to be handled ASAP (e.g. your workout wasn’t posted to TP, you have an emergency situation, etc), just type “URGENT” in the subject line, or something to that effect.